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We also offer full salon services such as haircuts, color and extensions. Salon Services

Your wedding day should be one of the most memorable days of your life. But unfortunately for some brides, it’s memorable for all the wrong reasons!

You know, like when:

  • Your stylist shows up late?
  • Takes too long to service everyone in your party?
  • Styles your hair without previously consulting you?
  • And packs up as soon as they’re finished?

Leaving you stressed out, hating your look, arguing with your family, and late to your photo shoot?

Yeah. Like that.

So skip all that drama! And work with the team at The Mane Event Beauty Artistry!

Click on each of the headings below to learn more about our “Mane” differences.


For most brides, the importance of booking a professional wedding hair and makeup artist doesn’t become apparent until their big day.

But by then it’s too late…

As wedding hair and make-up professionals with more than 20 years’ experience, our goal is to eliminate all that uncertainty, stress, disappointment, and drama. Offering brides like you a wide variety of support and services (in addition to a great wedding hair style!) to make your wedding day beauty experience glamorous, stress free, convenient, and fun!

Learn more about the “mane” differences between us and other stylists, and see why The Mane Event Beauty Artistry is right choice for your special day!

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For more than 20 years, our Master Wedding Hair Stylist and Licensed Cosmetologist Darryl Howard has been turning beauty dreams into reality.

Using his unique skill set of hair artistry, technical training, and fashion show / runway model experience, and combining it with his wonderful sense of humor, Darryl’s goal is to make you feel glamorous, look stunning, and make your wedding day beauty experience relaxed and fun!

Darryl’s specialty is creating gorgeous looks that are uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of every bride he works with. Taking into account everything from the shape of their face to the cut of their dress and to the style of their reception.

Darryl also stays up to date on the latest hair trends, styles, and techniques through both online and in-person training. Constantly recreating the latest looks he’s learned, on friends, family, and even mannequins!

Yes – Darryl still plays with dolls. No judgement please…

Combined with his work as a fashion show / runway model stylist, where timing is everything, helps Darryl keep your wedding day beauty regimen on track. Ensuring your wedding day beauty experience is both relaxed and efficient.

Artistry takes time, but it also needs to be timely!

But besides the artistry, experience, and know-how, there’s one thing Darryl understands. And that is weddings are supposed to be fun! His goal is to not only make brides look and feel beautiful, but to smile, laugh, and focus on the joy that’s to come on both their wedding day, and a lifetime spent with their one true love!

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Weddings are supposed to be fun. But they can also be stressful! It’s hard for someone who hasn’t been there before, to predict what can go wrong, and what truly needs to be done. That’s where our Wedding Concierge Chantel Howard comes in.

Unlike a traditional wedding planner who will do it all for you, our Wedding Concierge services are designed to work with you. Advising brides on the myriad of decisions they need to make as they go from “congratulations you just got engaged!” to “I do!” Think of us as wedding planner lite.

Then, once all arrangements have been made, and the big day arrives, we’ll be right by your side when your beauty regimen begins. Running errands, doing tasks, and taking care of business, until you get up out of that chair, and head off to… your wedding!

Mom wants to borrow your lipstick but her room’s on another floor? No problem, we’ll run it over! Wedding coordinator forgot to iron your robe and it’s a wrinkled up mess? We got it. Flower girls getting restless because they’re hungry? Juice boxes and snacks all around!

We’ve been there, seen that, and know how to handle, anything and everything that could make your day stressful. And trust us – stress is not a good wedding day look!

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For most people, process isn’t the first thing they think of when it comes to getting married. But they should! As boring as it sounds, without a process for staying on track, and getting things done, a lot of things can go wrong, and fall through the cracks.

Turning your wedding day joy, into a wedding day disaster!

Unlike most stylists who only communicate with you on your initial consultation trial, and then again on your wedding day, we stay in frequent contact. Offering brides-to-be everything from a timeline of actions to take, to checklists of things to do, paired with regular e-mails, to keep plans on track for your big day.

We also offer a trial run where our Master Stylist will consult with you, and try out on you, up to three custom looks well in advance of your wedding day. Allowing you to relax, knowing your beauty day regimen is checked off your list.

Then, as your wedding day gets closer, we ramp up the communication to put your mind at ease. Letting you know, we’ve got everything in place, double-checking our location, date, and time for arrival, and confirming the services we’ll be performing for you and your squad.

We know it’s not sexy, and probably not the first thing you think of when it comes to hiring a wedding hair and makeup team. But trust us – process leads to perfection. And perfection is what we strive for every day!

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There are a lot of stylists out there who charge by the head. And we get it – since their only focus is to do the hair and makeup on the person sitting in front of them. And then pack up and leave. But unlike other stylists out there, we know there is so much more to wedding hair and makeup than just, well, wedding hair and makeup!

At The Mane Event Beauty Artistry, we offer brides the choice of several wedding hair and makeup packages. Combining our most popular services to make their wedding beauty regimen both stress-free, and cost-effective.

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Getting married requires a host of other professionals besides wedding hair and makeup! So, having someone who can provide you with trusted referrals is more important than you think. You don’t want someone to just hand you a business card and say, “maybe you want to call this person?”

At The Mane Event Beauty Artistry, we understand that who we refer, is not only a reflection of us, but of you. As not all services providers are created equal. Or are a good fit for everyone. For example, if your guests want to dance to salsa music, we’re not going to refer you to a string quartet!

Everyone we refer, we’ve worked with. So, we know how they operate. As professionals. Just like us. There’s nothing worse than having a great caterer, band, and florist, only to have an amateur photographer. Because if one thing’s out of place, it can ruin the entire day!

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While certainly our focus is on giving you a glamorous look that makes your guests say wow, at The Mane Event Beauty Artistry, we offer so much more.

We can consult with you as you shop for a dress. Helping you find the perfect match for your body type, neck length, and face shape. We can create custom tiaras, pins, and combs. And provide you with high quality hairpieces, and extensions. We can even help you get dressed!

Now that you know all about our “mane” differences, what are you waiting for? Book an initial consultation today!

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